Copper product description

1) coin is inversely proportional to the yield strength and elongation, processed bent coppers increased hardness is extremely high, but can be reduced by means of heat treatment.

2) in all kinds of metallic materials for construction, extension of the copper had the best performance, in terms of building modeling, has a great advantage.

3) copper plate without the limitation of temperature, and does not become brittle at low temperature, high melting point when using the hot-melt welding of oxygen blowing.

4) fire, is a non-combustible material.

5) even in highly corrosive atmosphere, copper will form a strong and nontoxic passivation layer, known as the "patina". Its chemical composition depending on air conditions in the region, but of elements "patina" protection of copper results are basically the same. This film is very stable and automatically fixes damaged, hard to distinguish with the naked eye.