Principles of copper alloy

(1) all elements are no a exception to reduced copper rod of conductivity rate and thermal conductivity, where elements solid dissolved Yu copper rod in the, caused copper rod of lattice distortion, makes free electronic directed flow Shi produced wave scattering, makes resistance rate increased, instead in copper rod in the no solid dissolved degrees or rarely solid dissolved of elements, on copper rod of conductive and thermal conductivity effect rarely, special should note of is some elements in copper rod in the solid dissolved degrees with temperature reduced and fierce to reduced, to elemental and metal compounds precipitation, both can solid dissolved and dispersion strengthened copper rod alloy, And on conductivity rate reduced not more, this on research high strength high guide alloy for, is important of alloy of principles, here should special pointed out that of is iron, and silicon, and wrong, and chrome four elements and copper rod composition of alloy is is important of high strength high guide alloy; due to alloy elements on copper rod performance effect is overlay of, which CoCr-Zr Department alloy is famous of high strength high guide alloy.

(2) corrosion resistance of copper-based alloys of the Organization should be single phase to avoid electrochemical corrosion caused by a second phase in the alloy. Adding alloying elements in copper should have great solubility, even infinite soluble elements in engineering application of single phase brass rod, bronze rods, nickel Silver rods have excellent corrosion resistance, heat exchanger materials is important.

(3) the copper-based alloy in both soft and hard, so when the alloy solution must be ensuring that the added element in addition to the copper rod, there should also be a hard phase, typical hard copper alloys Ni3Si, FeALSi compounds, phase a is not greater than 10%.