Alloy Aluminum Coil Enhance The Effect

Aluminum alloy aluminum-rich part of 548, the maximum solubility of copper in aluminum was 5.65%, the temperature dropped to 302, the copper solubility of 0.45%. Copper is an important alloying element, Alloy Aluminum Coil there is a certain solid solution strengthening effect, in addition to aging precipitation of CuAl2 has a significant aging effect. Aluminum alloy in the copper content is usually 2.5% to 5%, Alloy Aluminum Coil copper content of 4% to 6.8% when the best effect, so most of the hard aluminum alloy copper content in this range.

Al-Mg alloy equilibrium phase diagram of the aluminum-rich part Although the solubility curve shows that the solubility of magnesium in aluminum with the temperature drop greatly reduced, but in most industrial deformation of aluminum alloy, magnesium content of less than 6% And silicon content is also low, this type of alloy is not heat treatment enhanced, but good solderability, corrosion resistance is also good, Alloy Aluminum Coil and moderate strength.

Magnesium on the strengthening of aluminum is obvious, for each additional 1% magnesium, tensile strength increased about 34MPa. If adding 1% or less of manganese, may add to strengthen the role. So the manganese can reduce the magnesium content, while reducing the tendency of hot cracking, Alloy Aluminum Coil and other manganese can also make Mg5Al8 compounds even precipitation, improve corrosion resistance and welding performance.

Al-Zn alloy equilibrium phase diagram of aluminum-rich part of 275 when the solubility of zinc in aluminum was 31.6%, while at 125 its solubility decreased to 5.6%. Alloy Aluminum Coil Zinc is added to aluminum alone, and the strength of the aluminum alloy is limited under deformation conditions, and stress corrosion cracking and tendency are present, thus limiting its application.

In the aluminum at the same time adding zinc and magnesium, the formation of enhanced phase Mg / Zn2, the alloy produced a significant strengthening effect. Mg / Zn2 content increased from 0.5% to 12%, can significantly increase the tensile strength and yield strength. When the content of magnesium is more than that of Mg / Zn2 phase, the ratio of zinc and magnesium is controlled at about 2.7, Alloy Aluminum Coil and the stress corrosion cracking resistance is the largest.

Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-based alloys are formed on the basis of Al-Zn-Mg, and the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys are the largest in all aluminum alloys. They are also important aluminum alloys in the aerospace, aerospace and power industries.

Aluminum die castings also occupy a pivotal position in the production of communications electronics equipment, such as base station filter cavity, transmitter shell, Alloy Aluminum Coil notebook and mobile phone shell and so on. In particular, the communication base station equipment is moving towards high heat dissipation and high corrosion resistance and high and thin direction, Alloy Aluminum Coil and promote the aluminum alloy die casting technology to advance towards the high precision direction. Under the premise of satisfying the heat dissipation and anti-corrosion performance, the communication type aluminum alloy shell Is gradually becoming lightweight.