Alloy Aluminum Coil How To Prevent Injury

The surface of the alloy aluminum coil has the oxide film, which can protect the aluminum alloy, but sometimes we will find that the oxide film will appear uneven. So what's going on? The reasons and prevention of the unevenness of alloy aluminum roll oxidation film are given below.

1. The working area in the slot is too large, and then the color of the oxide film is not consistent.

The method of prevention: oxidation workpiece turns to small and small, can be treated quietly, but when the solution temperature is too low and easy to appear map-like pattern, it appears unnatural.

2, alloy aluminum coil processing are destroyed part of the cladding layer is cut off, the wearing of high quality aluminum alloy, the inner is aluminum, because of the difference is bigger, so after oxidation will produce "vitiligo spot."

Prevention: materials strictly control, reduce or remove the mixed aluminum.

3. The process operation is incomplete in the alkaline etching of the workpiece, the original part of the oxide film, the dirt cannot be divisible; Alkaline etching immediately after treatment, the surface is still alkaline; The artifacts in the transfer process are exposed to foreign objects.

Prevention method: strict guarantee of the integrity of the aluminum alloy process in the production process to produce better products.

The alloy aluminum roll is a jumble of fish, which can make consumers have a headache when they buy it. So here is the selection of the summarized alloy aluminum rolls:

1. Observe the surface and color of the aluminum alloy coil when choosing, whether the appearance is lubricated and the color is bright.

2. There are two sides of alloy aluminum coil and single side. Special attention should be paid to double-sided.

3. The glue seam of the aluminum alloy is neat and neat. When decorating the exterior of the building, it usually has a gap between the plates.

4. The exterior deformation of alloy aluminum coil and the drum are all defective.

During the selection of alloy aluminum rolls, attention to the quality of the alloy aluminum rolls themselves. If the bulk purchase of alloy aluminum plate or intended long-term contract, suggest to the manufacturer field inspection

The use of alloy aluminum coil is widely used, but the problem of surface damage can be caused by improper handling. How to prevent the problem of aluminum alloy coil injury?

1. Strictly control the quality of the aluminum alloy before it leaves the factory, and strengthen the control of the quality of the alloy aluminum roll.

2. When the surface damage of the alloy aluminum coil is cut off with the soft felt and the auxiliary tools, try to reduce the contact damage with the auxiliary tools;

3. In the production of aluminum alloy, it should be light and easy to be placed, so as to prevent the random dragging or turning of the profile, as far as possible to avoid the surface damage.

4. Arrange the aluminum alloy coil in the frame to prevent conflict and friction.

5. When the aluminum alloy is being repaired, the mold is regularly nitrified and the nitride technology is strictly implemented.