Alloy Aluminum Coil Identification And Storage

The alloy aluminum coil is specially suitable for the decoration and display of indoor, outdoor decoration, commercial chain and exhibition advertisement. So how to identify the quality of the aluminum alloy rolls?

Alloy aluminum coil with a beautiful, durable, light weight, high strength, good warm sex strong, fire prevention, resistant to strong acid, good sound insulation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning etc., and its low cost, good decorative effect, alloy aluminum coil is very popular in recent years a new type of wall decoration materials, stone, glass curtain wall with said one of three big curtain wall materials. Being noticed and loved by the people of architecture. It is extremely competitive in many decorations. Used for building curtain wall, old building renovation, facade decoration indoor billboards, signs, all kinds of equipment, machine tool appearance decoration, subway, the tunnel inside decoration, decoration, decoration of all kinds of office furniture and all kinds of airport civilian furniture production

Alloying aluminium coil is a kind of aluminium coil, decorative excellent. We in addition to focus on its performance when buy, carefully check its appearance, quality qualified alloy aluminum coil, its surface cannot have obvious indentation, leakage besmear, penetrate the coating damage, and corrugated, scratch, bubble is not allowed. These are easy to see that the most important thing is that you want to look at aluminum alloy roll off color, if do not pay attention to, this is not easy to see that, but in the application will affect the final adornment effect.

The storage of aluminum alloy is related to its service life, so let's listen to the expert's advice on how to keep the aluminum alloy.

1. Environment: it must be kept dry and ventilated with bright and non-corrosive environmental conditions, so that the performance and quality of the aluminum plate can be maintained.

2. Cleaning hygiene: for the space of the alloy aluminum coil, regular cleaning is also required, so that the excess dust and debris can not be attached to the surface of the aluminum plate for a long time.

3. Avoid corrosion: be careful not to put together with any chemical or humid materials so as to cause corrosion.

4, pay attention to the transportation: according to the transportation, the aluminum plate must be of push-pull, extraction and so on strictly, such easy to cause damage or scratches on the layout. Try to roll around the aluminum alloy lift down at the same time, it can makes the plank is vulnerable to damage. Choose the fabric that meets the standard and cover it so that it can avoid rain or snow invasion, resulting in different levels of damage to the surface of the product.

5. With ground isolation: aluminum alloy volume from the ground. Usually stay in 10 centimeters of distance, so can make more aluminum plate is not affected by the ground wet, so as to maintain the quality and performance.

Alloy aluminum coil is a common material in life, it is widely used, but it should be paid attention. Therefore, it is helpful for users to save the plate with a little heart.