Coated Aluminum Coil Processing Technology

The main two types of paint are Fluorocarbon (PVDF) and polyester (PE), we also known as fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll and polyester color coated aluminum roll, Coated Aluminum Coil the color and effect between the two can be Do it all the time, but the price gap between the two is not small. Mainly because of the difference between the two different paint costs, fluorocarbon paint which contains fluorine, weather performance better, longer life, the price is higher.

What is the difference in the price difference between fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll and polyester color coated aluminum roll? It can be understood that in the thickness of 0.5-1.0 mm thick inside the aluminum roll, the price gap between the two in the vicinity of 3,000 yuan per ton, Coated Aluminum Coil thin material gap is greater, because the thickness of aluminum roll is about thin, the more square meters , The greater the amount of paint. Of course, in the actual use of fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll life is higher than polyester paint, the general polyester paint 20 years, fluorocarbon paint can reach 30 years, fluorocarbon paint is more suitable for outdoor use.

Fluorocarbon color coated aluminum roll and polyester color coated aluminum roll processing technology is almost the same, but the polyester color coated aluminum roll can be a single coating, primer painted finish after the direct finish. The fluorocarbon color coated aluminum roll can only do double coating, twice the finish. In the absence of testing for Fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll and polyester color coated aluminum roll in the surface color and gloss the same. , Only through a professional paint testing equipment to distinguish.

Cauling aluminum roll packaging should be based on product specifications, size, choice of packaging and packaging, for box-type packaging, product box can not be crushed or moving. Coated Aluminum Coil The material of the box can be made of wood, multilayer, fiberboard, metal and other materials. The box should be clean and tidy, with sufficient strength to ensure that the storage process is not deformed, no damage. Wooden nails were arranged in a row, nail tip can not be exposed, should be down, to avoid in the storage and transportation process nail cap, nail tip barbed aluminum foil, base care height should meet the requirements of forklift transport. Coated Aluminum Coil Caitu aluminum roll product inspection and covered with the seal, the outside should be wrapped around a layer of strong neutral or weak acid materials, joints with tape or label sealing. Secure the pad on the end pad to protect the end of the painted aluminum roll. Add a desiccant, put a plastic bag, the plastic bag at both ends beyond the aluminum part of the plug die, with the appropriate size of the plastic plug after the closure of the box. Coated Aluminum Coil After packing the product, the above and then covered with a layer of moisture-proof paper or plastic cloth, put the packing list, can be covered and sealed with steel, steel straps should be tightly tied.