Coated Aluminum Coil The Characteristics Of

The color coated aluminum roll is the coating of the surface coating of aluminum to extend the life of aluminum. Aluminum coil after cleaning, chromium, roller coating, baking, such as processing, aluminum roll surface with all sorts of color of paint, become aluminium roll forecast roller belt. The surface coating of paint, divided into polyester (PE) coated aluminium coils with fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating aluminum volume; Epoxy rolls coated with aluminum. Of course, there is a case of fluorocarbon and polyester on the other side. There's even a two-sided fluorocarbon case. The color coated aluminum coil has the following characteristics.

Smoothness: there is no pressure mark on the surface, no residual stress on the surface, no deformation after shearing. Painted aluminum coil

Adornment sex: the pattern is optional and do, give the client wide personality choice, can enrich the human connotation of product, have vivid physical sense, have vivid natural aesthetic feeling, give people beautiful enjoyment.

Weather-resistance: the coating, high temperature baking, baking paint, gloss retention, color stability, color difference is minimal.

Mechanical: choose high quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, adopt advanced compound technology. The product has the anti-bending and anti-folding strength of the decorative plate. In the four seasons climate, the changes of wind pressure, temperature and humidity will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and so on.

Environmental protection: anti-saline-alkali acid rain corrosion, self will not corrode live to produce poisonous bacteria, do not release any poisonous gas, do not cause the keel and fixed pieces rust, flame retardancy.

The heat resistance is good, the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees, and the average temperature can't reach its melting point.

(2) aluminum volume forecast roller belt environmental protection sex is strong, not easy to change color Adopting chrome handle liquid. Roller coating paint containing active chemical molecules, prompted the material surface to form a protective layer. Active chemical molecular stable easy to recycle, meet environmental requirements.

Corrosion resistance. Because of its surface with an intense oxide film, it has strong adhesion, antioxidation, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, decay resistance, uv irradiation and other characteristics.

(4) colour and lustre is uniform, constant, its color uniform fine. Gorgeous, soft aluminum volume forecast roller belt to avoid the traditional spraying of individual color difference phenomenon, no matter how the condole of large area, its color and lustre is consistent. Lasting constant new.

It is a combination of toughness and toughness. It can be cut, divided, curved, compressed, drilled, connected to the fixed and side compression molding.

Aluminium roll forecast roller belt because of its lightweight, bright color, easy to processing molding, does not rust, etc, are widely used from the plate, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum ceilings, aluminum, magnesium, manganese roofing system, and many other fields.