Coated Aluminum Coil Use The Beauty

Aesthetics. Compared to the general monolithic surface of aluminum, color coated aluminum roll in the appearance of a qualitative improvement. Because the use of organic paint, Coated Aluminum Coil color coated aluminum roll surface is more colorful, with many types of colors, to facilitate the selection of users, but also a good decoration of the material used in the environment. Color coated aluminum roll surface smoothness control is very good, there is a material used in the beauty.

Lightness. The main material is aluminum, Coated Aluminum Coil aluminum density is very small, compared to the general aluminum, Caitu aluminum volumes in the material control to do a detailed optimization, the material quality is more light. Material light is not only very convenient to facilitate the installation of materials for the usual use to bring convenience. While reducing the carrying capacity of the environment, the maximum reached the purpose of using the material.

Rust and corrosion resistance. Coated Aluminum Coil Because the surface with a special organic paint, making the metal layer inside almost and the outside world, a good protection of the metal layer. So the color coated aluminum roll anti-rust performance and anti-corrosion performance is very good, which makes the color coated aluminum roll has a more excellent environmental adaptability, in the more harsh environment, the use of materials become more comfortable.

Excellent use of performance. Color coated aluminum roll organic coating and the surface of the metal for a good fusion, in a very long time will not appear faded situation, greatly extended the life of the color coated aluminum roll. The use of organic paint to make the color coated aluminum roll surface more solid, excellent internal treatment process so that color coated aluminum roll has a good scratch resistance.

The price in place. Color coated aluminum roll production process to do a simplified treatment, while Caitu aluminum volumes of raw materials, aluminum prices are very cheap, so the price of Caitu aluminum volume is very cheap, in the acceptance of many users within the scope.

The coating and the aluminum roll are the most influential factors in the coating process.Coated Aluminum Coil Due to the color difference between the batches of the coating, the fineness of the coating is not enough and the coating rate is not high, the coating and the solvent cooperate well , Stratification, etc. will directly affect the coating effect and produce defects' aluminum roll substrate is not smooth, Coated Aluminum Coil uneven thickness, edge deflection is also a direct impact on product quality and overall use. Therefore, in the choice of raw materials, should be strictly controlled.

Caitu aluminum roll coating line requirements Painting equipment intact, painting equipment requires smooth operation, can not have horizontal, vertical jitter, coating roller requires grinding fine. All of the rollers of the coating machine are beating horizontally and must be controlled within the permissible range, otherwise the surface quality of the coating will be seriously affected.